EWFM’s Halloween Tree

EWFM's Halloween Tree

EWFM’s Halloween Tree

Being it’s Halloween we’ve decided to talk about the fears and scares we face in the industry.  We’ve kept it light-hearted but hope to have given you some ideas to improve your processes.


Horrifying Hose

We’ve all heard of splitting hoses causing, loss of product, damage and harm to operators.  Don’t be horrified, EWFM provide a huge range of high-quality composite hose suited for almost every application.  We won’t let this happen.

Alarming Access Systems

It’s alarming when someone falls off a tanker or from heights and possibly injures them self.  Don’t be alarmed, prevent this from happening, all of EWFM’s access systems come with safety cages to protect your operator.

Lurking Loading Arms

Are you still carrying heavy hose to fill your road or rail tankers? Why, when EWFM loading arms are lurking just around the corner?  Take the jump, let them in, and save your operators from unnecessary stress.

Looming Liquids              

Are your liquids looming over you? Are they aggressive, corrosive or hygienic and you’re struggling to handle them?  No need to worry as EWFM has a solution for fluid transfer almost every media.  Our extensive range of materials and designs helps us to cater for all.

Ominous Operations

Do you ever look at something and just know its going to go wrong?  All of EWFM’s equipment is made to reduce risk.  Our breakaways prevent pull away accidents, our drum fillers prevent overfilling, lets stop the accident together before it occurs.

Wicked Warmth

Warmth isn’t always nice when it comes to products like bitumen and Asphalt.  Warmth can be wicked and without it cause your product or equipment to cease.  This is why EWFM provide Jacketed and traced loading arms.  We keep your product at the optimum temperature when filling.

Eerie Engineered Swivel Joints 

Our Engineered Swivel Joints can be Eerie.  When you think of moving pipework at pressures up to 15,000 psi or 72” bores this can seem frightening.  Don’t be, EWFM loves a challenge and has vast experience.  All our Engineered Swivel Joints are put to the test prior to delivery.

Evil Earth

Without the Earth products can go bang, earthing is an essential part of ATEX requirements.  This is something EWFM doesn’t take for granted.  If we know your product is flammable, we will ensure our products are rated for your ATEX zone.

Nightmare Nozzles        

We have all experienced nightmare nozzles.  We’ve all dressed up nice ready to go out, filled our car up with petrol and had it leak all over our hands.  However, EWFM’s dispensing nozzles come with a 3 year guarantee, we promise they’ll take that nightmare away.


We always work together with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process, so get in touch with us today and start to build your long-term relationship with us, so we can help your business grow and operate safely.

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