The Fact Files: Couplings


The Fact Files: Couplings

Couplings, an essential for ensuring a quick and dry connection and disconnection. EWFM have been offering an extensive range of couplings to ensure we cater to a variety of industries globally. In the past we have sold this product to companies in oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, aviation and many more. The design of our Couplings helps the operator with speed, but it is also safe and secure when it comes to dealing with hazardous and corrosive materials. We offer three main types of couplings: MannTek, Engineered and API.



EWFM are a master distributor for MannTeks vast coupler range. We currently offer four couplings from their range which are Dry Disconnect, Gas, Cryogenic and Aviation. They are all available in sizes ¾ inch to 8 inches.

Dry Disconnect: This range of couplings is designed with speed in mind for the operator using it and to provide a spill free connection and disconnection from various structures such as hoses and pipelines. They can be manufactured in materials such as aluminium, brass, stainless steel, titanium, and other corrosion-resistant metal alloys.

Gas: Similar with its spill free handling, the design of the gas coupling keeps the surrounding environment free from any hazardous vapours and liquids. They have been approved for the safe handling of Propane and Butane. However, the Gas coupling can only be manufactured in stainless steel.

Cryogenic: The Cryogenic coupling has been designed for below freezing temperatures which allows them to be used between -163°C and -193°C. This type of coupling is made of two parts, the hose unit, and the tank unit. Like the gas coupling, the cryogenic coupling is available in stainless steel construction.

Aviation: Our range of aviation couplers have been designed for use in both the civil and military sector. All the units have a maximum working pressure of 10 bar, with the working temperature ranging from -38 °C (-36F) to 60 °C (140F). The Aviation coupling is available in aluminium and stainless steel.



EWFM also offer engineered coupling. Engineered Couplings are used when you face an abnormal situation be it, high pressure, corrosive chemicals, high temperatures etc. The materials this is manufactured in include, stainless Steel, aluminium, brass, hastelloy black PTFE. The sizes range from 1/2″ to 8″.

The engineered couplings system consists of two parts: The male adapter and the female coupler. Both parts can be fitted in either direction of flow. Each side has its own valve which closes off the appropriate hose or pipe side.


API Coupler:

EWFM have two types of API couplers, The liquid and vapour coupler. The liquid coupler (Model C-3659) is designed for use with bottom loading hydrocarbon road tankers. This is an industry specific design for connection to the tank trucks mating API Male Adaptor. In addition, we use the female API coupler as standard on our Bottom Loading Arm models 740, 750 and many more.

The vapour coupler (Model C-3682 is designed with an API RP1004 connection which is then used to connect with a road tankers bottom loading system and mating male vapour adaptor. It is designed to be used with a range of our Loading Arms and Hose Assemblies with hydrocarbons passing through. The API vapour coupler also has a TTMA flange with a check valve that ensures it is sealed when it is not connected to a tank truck.


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