International Sushi Day


International Sushi Day

Every 18th of June is known as International Sushi Day. A celebration of one of the more unique cuisines that has spread around the globe. Sushi is slowly becoming one of the world’s most popular foods. Sushi sales had skyrocketed before COVID, but due to the pandemic those figures started to decline. However, it did see an increase in sushi meal kits that could be made at home. Now that the United Kingdom is open again, those sales have started to increase again and look to continue on an upwards trajectory for the foreseeable future.

The History behind Sushi:

Originating in Southeast Asia, sushi was called “narezushi” and it consisted of fermented rice and salted fish, which preserved the dish for a long period of time even without fridges. When eaten, the rice was typically thrown away, and fish was the only part that was eaten. Fast forward a few centuries and sushi became what it is today. When this dish was introduced to western culture, chefs wanted to make it more interesting, so they started to experiment with different flavours and ingredients, which led to the likes of a California roll being made. Nowadays, you can find sushi in a variety of styles, ranging from meat to fish to vegetables. Accompaniments such as wasabi and soy sauce were also paired with sushi to enhance the flavours.

EWFM get Soy Saucy:

You are now probably thinking, what’s sushi got to do with EWFM? In the past year, EWFM has been approached by companies for our engineered delivery nozzles to fill containers with soy sauce. We can’t say we have had to quote a nozzle for dispensing soy sauce before, but we have certainly done it for custard and other liquids. Our nozzles can be either manual or automatic and are manufactured in sizes ranging from 0.5″ to 2″. Materials that they are available in are stainless steel, Hastelloy and PTFE lined with three possible end connections, including threaded, flanged and trip clamped. Engineered delivery nozzles are not just designed for dispensing food and drink products; they are also suitable for substances used in the oil & gas, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

For all your cask, barrel, and IBC filling equipment needs, EWFM has the solution for you. We hope that everyone enjoys International Sushi Day. We certainly will because that’s just the way we roll!

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