National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day

È questo il miglior giorno dell’anno? Yes, for many a day dedicated to one of the most famous dishes around is the best day of the year. As the UK celebrates National Pizza Day tomorrow, there’s no better time to delve into the delicious world of everyone’s favourite comfort food: pizza with a hint of EWFM to it. But we’re not just talking about traditional toppings like pepperoni and chicken. Today, we’re taking a creative twist and exploring the concept of the “extra toppings” that you can have with some of EWFMs products.

About National Pizza Day:

National Pizza Day is a joyous occasion celebrated in numerous countries across the globe, dedicated to one of the world’s most beloved culinary delights: pizza. Traditionally observed on February 9th each year, this special day pays homage to pizza’s rich cultural heritage and enduring popularity, uniting enthusiasts in a celebration of its unmatched versatility.

Rooted in history, pizza traces its origins back to 1889 when Raffaele Esposito, a skilled Neapolitan pizza maker, crafted the inaugural pie decorated in the colours of the Italian flag—red, white, and green—as a tribute to Queen Margherita. From this humble beginning, pizza swiftly captured the hearts of people worldwide. Its global ascent was notably propelled by American soldiers stationed in Italy during World War II, who returned home with a craving for the savoury delight they had savoured abroad.

Since its inception, pizza has undergone a remarkable evolution, giving rise to countless variations. From the iconic thin-crust Margherita to the indulgent deep-dish and innovative stuffed crust, pizza enthusiasts have revelled in the boundless creativity of chefs and pizzerias. Toppings, too, have ventured into exciting new territory, with classic combinations like cheese and tomato enduring alongside daring innovations such as cheeseburger and the contentious Hawaiian.

Those extra toppings that we have for our products:

You could say that EWFM offers its own additional toppings when it comes to some of our products. Due to the numerous different industries we cater to, the majority of them will have different environments and conditions they have to face, so they will need specialized apparatus.

Loading and Unloading Arms: Our Loading and Unloading Arms can have a variety of accessories added to the already existing design including Stand Post/Support Units, Locking Devices, and Overfill Sensors. As this is a foodie-themed blog, our food service loading and unloading arms can come with Steam or Oil Jacketing and Electrical Tracing, so that while those liquids are being transferred, they stay liquid as without heat they would solidify.

Drum Filling Heads: The Drum Filling Heads’ extra toppings include Nitrogen purge, Extended lances to avoid splashback during the filling process, Signal Switches which signify when the device is in use, and Steam heating for those extra viscous media.

Engineered Delivery Nozzles: Our range of automatic and manual Nozzles come with similar additional options to the Drum Filling Head, but you can also add a Swivel Joint which eases the usability for the user.

Folding Stairs: Safety of employees is paramount, so our standard range of folding stairs can be supplied with manual or automatic operation. Additionally, you can add Lever knuckle joints, Extra support brackets, and varying shapes of Safety Cages to further enhance the product and safety for your operators.

To find out more information on those “extra toppings” on the products above or any of our other products on our website, contact our sales team.

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