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The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is the oldest and most prestigious Tennis Tournament in the world and one of our Countries oldest traditions. It is watched the world over and is the only Grand Slam Tennis Tournament that still plays on Grass.

One of the greatest traditions of Wimbledon is the all-white attire that every player must adhere to. A single trim of colour around the neckline or cuff that is no wider than 10mm is the only exception to this. Officials take this so seriously that umpires can order players to change if they do not fit the requirements before play can begin. Off white or cream does not mean white.

A few interesting facts about Wimbledon:

• It was first televised by the BBC on 21st June 1937;
• Centre Court, named because it is in the centre of the grounds, had a retractable roof fitted in 2009 to help avoid rain delays, for which it has been noted for during its history;
• Approx. 250 Ball Boys & Girls are drawn from local London Boroughs. Nominated by a teacher, they undergo a written and fitness test to qualify.

Other Wimbledon Traditions include:

• Strawberries & Cream – Symbolizing the start of summer each year approx. 28000kg of strawberries and 7000l of cream are consumed;
• Royal Box – It has been a long-standing tradition for the players to curtsy to the Royal Box whenever entering or leaving the court, however, since 2003 this only occurs when Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip is present.

At EWFM we have our own traditions:

• Understanding our Customers’ requirements
• Creating their perfect solution

Very much like Wimbledon we pride ourselves on our long history and long standing standards evidenced through our continuous ISO Certification. This can help us create your perfect solution remembering that off white or cream does not mean white!

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