It’s the thought that counts!

Its the thought that counts

It’s the thought that counts!

Although everyday should be a day you show love and care to your other half, we are approaching the special day when this is celebrated across the globe; Valentine’s Day.  On this day very often both parties show their love by exchanging gifts or doing something memorable:-

  • A box of chocolatesTeddy Bear
  • A teddy Bear
  • A touching love letter or poem
  • A romantic meal

Now I know I don’t speak for all but on many occasions the romance of this special day may diminish over time and becomes more practical, instead of roses a new dishwasher perhaps.  Now more often than not this doesn’t mean any less to the individual or couple as ultimately, it’s the thought and happiness that counts.

Showing that you care, not only to your partner but also to your friends, family and yes, even co-worker is important.  So let’s concentrate on co-workers as we are in a work environment, how do we show them love and care?  Its simple really, we must protect them as their health and safety is paramount.  At EWFM we offer many products which demonstrate this, a list of some are as follows:

  • Folding Stairs with Safety Cages (prevent your co-workers from falling from tankers)
  • Safety Breakaways (your co-workers don’t want to be splattered with hazardous fluids in the event of a pull away accident)
  • Swivel Joints (relieve stress and torsion on hose and co-worker!)
  • Automatic Filling Nozzles (stop overfilling, your co-workers don’t need to be exposed in the event of an incident)

So how do I pull this all back to Valentines as we seem to have gone off at a tangent?  It’s simple really, like with your other half, I’m pushing the message that it’s the thought that counts.  Why not show this to your co-workers this Valentine’s Day?

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