A Swivel suited to you

A Swivel suited to you

A Swivel suited to you

Some people reading this will know exactly what a Swivel Joint is but others may need a brief introduction, to find a swivel suited to you.  So briefly, Swivel Joints are the flexible movable parts in hoses and  articulated pipework.  They are used on hose reels, loading arms, piping systems both rigid and flexible, process machinery and various water applications including wastewater and sewer rodding.

Swivel joints are used in many industries such as oil & gaschemical, petrochemical, mining, refining, ink & paint, food, brewing and distilling. If you are unsure, please give us a call and we will help to clarify the applications for you.

As you can see swivels can be used, not only for fluids but also for viscous media such as bitumen and chocolate but also for fertilisers and custard.

Special materials can be used for hot media, say cooking oil, as well as in cold situations, and for medicine or distilling where hygiene is important.  Also where conditions dictate high pressure and vigorous certification, for example subsea.

We then come to the important matter of size and type, they can be standard swivel joints, engineered, subsea swivel joints, compact swivels  or multiport rotary unions.   Size will of course depend on the type of swivel you require, so click on the one you are interested in and you will see not only the size but also the construction materials, seals, and flanges they are available in.  We can engineer a Swivel Joint to almost suit every need.

We have a good reputation for quality and service; please give us a chance to quote.