Happy Easter

Happy Easter
Happy easter

Happy Easter

The name Easter is believed to come from an Old English word Eostre, who was believed to be a goddess of spring and rebirth. It is the time of year that millions of people around the world come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ following his crucifixion and burial by the Romans.
Celebrations can include,

  • Church Services,
  • Parades & Processions,
  • Easter Egg Hunts,
  • Easter Egg Trees.

However, as the world stays at home, the celebrations this year for most of us will be a very different experience. Virtual gatherings will be replacing the traditional get together, and we all still look for different ways to communicate with friends, families, colleagues and customers whilst staying safe but trying to bring some fun.
Many businesses & individuals the world over are looking to reinvent themselves to support front line efforts, their local communities and their existing customer base who continue to operate in these difficult times or are planning for future projects.

At EWFM we are no different. Over the last 20 years in operation we have established long term trusting relationships with both our suppliers and many customers all over the world, many of whom are still fully operating and need our support. These long term relationships allow us to operate flexibly and consistently for the benefit of all parties even when circumstances are challenging.
Our staff are committed to supporting both our existing and potential new customers. They are working remotely from the safety of their homes to ensure you can all stay connected with us.
We have introduced full video conferencing facilities through a range of channels including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom & WebEx as we appreciate not everyone will be using the same.
We are open for business and are here to help wherever you are in the world, so if you have a current requirement or you would like to discuss a planned or future project please get in touch with Guy & Mike

You can keep up to date with our latest news and updates through our social media channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
We hope everyone enjoys their Easter and remember together we can beat this virus.
Stay safe!!