EWFM Celebrate 20 Years

EWFM Celebrate 20 Years

EWFM Celebrate 20 Years

Coinciding with the start of a new millennium, EWFM came into operation. During the last 20 years we have seen many changes in the economy and how we, as a country and a company, operate.

In 2000 we entered a tough market, initially selling products for the transfer of fuel, we were immediately faced with protests on fuel prices.  The reverse happened in 2015 when we faced the biggest fall in oil prices.  We have taken these challenges head on and since diversified into Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food & Drink industries.  Who’d of thought it, 20 years later we’d be selling nozzles for egg custard and not just diesel.

At the beginning of the 2000’s, cell phones were just becoming popular, the internet had only just started and social media had not taken off.  The iPhone didn’t appear until 2007 – how did we survive!?  Now we publish weekly Blogs, Pictures and Mailouts keeping you up-to-date with the latest products and news we have to offer all over our socials.

We are now experiencing a warming of the earth’s surface.  Wild fires in Brazil, bush fires in Australia, earthquakes and typhoons are all becoming more common. Due to Global Warming, Green energy is now on many companies’ agendas.  Did you know we supply products for the handling of Biodiesel, LNG, LPG and Ad-Blue which all helps towards a cleaner environment for the planet.

We have experienced several pandemics, in 2009 Swine Flu, in 2014 it was Ebola and more recently Covid-19.  We have come through these crises in the past and our scientists and medical teams are working hard to get us through this one.  We have even supplied nozzles for use in the production of sanitiser.

We as a company have survived and flourished so far, maintaining constant quality ISO standards throughout and intend to do so in the future.  We worked from home during the lock-down, took our processes to the cloud and have now returned to the office more equipped, eager and ready than ever! Let’s smash the next 20 years