St. Patricks 2019

St patricks 2019

St. Patricks 2019

St. Patricks 2019 has past, silly hats were worn, too much Guinness was consumed and the dancing was crazy. But what was is it all about?  The day commemorates St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity into Ireland.

So why are we at EWFM now writing a blog entitled St. Patricks day? Well unbeknown to you EWFM’s range of products assisted in delivering this memorable day to the masses. Let’s look at the transport journey of the food and drink you consumed, and how you, the consumer has benefited from the use of our products.

Food and drink is transported in road and rail tankers. This produce is moved around in bulk to ensure that people all over the world can enjoy St. Patricks day just as much as the Irish.  Once the food or drink arrives at the depot in the tanker, it needs to be emptied.  These tankers are filled and emptied primarily using Loading arms for which EWFM have supplied an extensive range worldwide.

Four Leaf CloverIt’s one thing saying you’ll empty the tanker with a loading arm, but have you thought of how these are connected? EWFM supply MannTek dry disconnect couplings and breakaways.  The couplings ensure a quick, safe and spill free connection/disconnection.  The breakaways on the other hand reduce risk in the event of a pull away incident.  They protect both the equipment and the operator.  Not only that we don’t want any beverages going to waste do we!

With the tankers now emptied, and the food or drink safely transferred to storage tanks, it’s time for the produce to be condensed into smaller containers such as IBC’s, Drums and casks ready for shipment to local branches/stores. If  you are reading this blog, you must have the luck of the Irish because you’ve now found out that EWFM supply equipment for this process too.  We supply food grade nozzles, drum filling heads and couplings.  These are all used worldwide for filling numerous containers with up to a 2” bore opening.


So when St Patricks day comes around again, and you are enjoying a cold pint of Guinness or a nice warm Irish stew, think of the journey, how it’s been looked after and how far it’s come. You never know you might enjoy it just that little bit more.


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