Q&A: Meet the team – Ben Adamson

Meet the team

Q&A: Meet the team – Ben Adamson

It’s Q&A time. It’s the return of the monthly Q&A with a member of the EWFM team. This months is with the Marketing Assistant, Ben Adamson.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m 23 year old from East Hertfordshire. From 2017 to 2020 I studied for a marketing degree at the University of Kent where I achieved a 2:1. As for my hobbies, I love sports. I tend to watch it more than compete in it but when I was younger I was quite active as I played football and tennis weekly. As for watching it, I love to watch football and cricket and I try to go see it live as much as possible. Other hobbies include gaming and socialising with family and friends.

How long have you been at the company:

I joined EWFM back in early July, so just over three and half months.

What is your current role:

My current role is Marketing Assistant which is the role I started with when I first joined in July.

What does a usual day in the office have in store for you as Marketing Assistant:

A day in the life of the Marketing Assistant for EWFM can differ all the time. Most days I will be receiving enquiries for our products and then adding them to the company database. After that I will then follow them on all of our social medias as am in charge of all the platforms. I try to post content and interact with other companies on a daily basis. As well as that, I look after the company website. I keep product pages up to date and ensure content such as blogs are posted weekly.

What has been your favourite part of the job so far:

That’s a tricky one because there are so many aspects of the job that I enjoy. But I think my favourite part is the creative aspect. I never thought I had a creative side to me but during this role I have learned that I can be and I have introduced new designs and ideas to the business. During my time I have completely redesigned the company business cards and currently, I’m in the process of a very exciting project, which I really have had to get creative for.

What is your favourite product and why:

My favourite product is probably the drum filling head. I have recently got into drinking beer so it’s quite appropriate that my favourite product has links to filling casks and barrels. It is a unit that can be used in multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, foods and beverages. The whole purpose of the drum filling head is for the transfer of liquid products and it protects barrels from overfilling thanks to the automatic level sensor. 

Finally, tell us about your experience of working at EWFM so far:

It has been a fantastic experience working for EWFM. This has been my first full time job and I enjoy doing what I do each day. I thought it would be difficult putting the theory I learnt at University into practice, but the transition into a full time role has been great. Every member of the team has been very welcoming to me and helpful in assisting me with a questions or problems I have. It’s early on in my role with the company but I’m excited for the future.

Thanks to Ben for the Q&A this week, please come back in November for the next part of the Q&A series with a member of the EWFM team.

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