Project World Cup: Netherlands

Project World Cup: Netherlands

Project World Cup: Netherlands

It’s time for the return of “Project World Cup”! A series that we started to coincide with the 22nd edition of the Men’s World Cup. Every Thursday during the group stage games we choose a country that are in action and look into the country, and what projects EWFM have completed there over the years.

This year the Women’s World Cup is being jointly shared by Australia and New Zealand. This is the first time that the Women’s edition of the international football tournament has had more than one host nation. Also, it is the first time two countries from different confederations have hosted a tournament as one is from the Asian confederation and the other from the Oceania equivalent.

Both host nations got off to great starts to their world cup campaigns with respective 1-0 wins. As for the England Women’s team, they started off with a 1-0 win over Haiti and their next game is against Denmark tomorrow morning.

In today’s edition of Project World Cup, we will be looking into the Netherlands, who earlier on today played against favourites the USA in a 1-1 draw in Wellington, New Zealand.

The Netherlands:

The Netherlands, located in the northwest of Europe, has a population of around 17,975,000 people. Known for its canals, fields of colour tulips, windmills and beautiful scenery which can be viewed by various cycle routes. Its capital, Amsterdam, has over 1 million people living in the city, with some even living on the canals that run through the heart of it. As well as the people living there, it has over 20 million tourists each year. From the Van Gough Museum to the House that diary writer Anne Frank hid in, Amsterdam and the Netherlands is full of history and culture.

Five Fun facts about the Netherlands:

  • There are more bicycles than people in the country.
  • It is the lowest lying country in Europe with the lowest point being 7m below sea level.
  • Tulips aren’t actually native to the country as they originally came from Turkey.
  • The Dutch are the tallest people in the world.
  • For many years, the country has gone by the nickname ‘Holland’ which has now been dropped by the Dutch government in an effort to rebrand itself as a nation.

Fun Fact

The city of Amsterdam is located on 90 small islands.

EWFM in the Netherlands:

The Netherlands is well known in the Oil and Gas industry for its large amount of storage tanks located in various ports around the country. The biggest in the country and in Europe is the Port of Rotterdam. In 2021, around 204.6 million metric tonnes of liquid bulk products were put through the port. Liquid bulk products include crude oil, mineral oils, LNG and others. Within the port there are also 31 tank farms which will hold some of the liquid bulk products that are being brought into the country via the port.

Earlier on in the year as many of you will know, EWFM exhibited at StocExpo which is held at the Rotterdam Ahoy. This exhibition is the leading event for the tank storage and future fuels industries. Over the three days that it was held many of the companies that have storage tank farms, visited the show to find new products and ways that they can enhance their current operations.

Over they years, EWFM has completed numerous projects with well known companies in the Netherlands. A particular hit is our range of Swivel Joints which are frequently used as parts of hose reel systems. The swivels help the hose reels to rotate and enable the flow of media through the bore. As well as that, due to the copious amounts of tank farms across the country, our newest range of floating roof storage tank seals are perfect for stopping harsh vapours stored, escape into the atmosphere. We also have a few of our other ranges that are perfect for the ports and other industries in the country including:

If you have any upcoming projects that require any of the products mentioned above, please get in contact with our sales team who will be happy to assist you! Come back next week, where will be looking into Germany.

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