Welcome Mike Phillips – EWFM’s New Sales Engineer

Mike Phillips, EWFM, Royston

Welcome Mike Phillips – EWFM’s New Sales Engineer

Mike Phillips, our new Sales Engineer has just completed his first few weeks with our busy sales team and is fitting in nicely.

Mike brings a wealth of experience in both Sales and Relationship Management, and embraces EWFM’s passion to deliver quality and great customer service.

Mike’s desire is to grow our business through actively seeking and creating new opportunities and working closely with our existing customers to provide excellent results.

If you’re in the Oil and Gas, Distilling, Food manufacturing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical Industries then challenge Mike and our team at EWFM to deliver your business requirements whether this be Nozzles for Whiskey, Loading arms with Vapour recovery for LPG, or Swivel Joints for Tobacco we can provide the ongoing support you require to produce the correct product for your need.

Keep in touch with Mike through:

Email                     : [email protected]

Phone                   : 01763 248650

LinkedIn               : https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-phillips-b5946930

Twitter                 : @EWFM_Mike

Mike will be happy to discuss and get answers for any queries you may have.

For general information on all of our products please find links to our Brand New Website www.ewfm.co.uk