Keep Warm this Winter

Keep Warm This Winter

We are fast approaching the coldest months of the year here in the UK.  We’ve already witnessed our first frosts of the year and bobble hats are becoming a much more frequent sight.  This then begs the question of what will you do to keep warm this winter?  I know I’ll be hoping for a new warm coat under the tree this Christmas.

We humans aren’t the only ones who don’t like the cold though.  Throughout the year we come across fluids that also like to keep warm.  Some examples of the include

  • Bitumen
  • Chocolate
  • Molasses
  • Sulphur

All whom, if not kept wrapped up warm, become solid and don’t want to move.  Yes, they almost throw a tantrum like a teenager.  At EWFM we don’t sell woolly hats and gloves but what we can do is keep your products warm.

The first way we do this is with Jackets.  I hope you’re not sitting there thinking about a loading arm or a Swivel Joint with a puffer jacket on.  Although following a similar principle our jacketed loading arms and Swivels are best described as ‘being in a sleeve’.  You have a standard loading arm or Swivel in the centre which will carry your media.  You then have another arm (the jacket) surrounding this which is fed with hot oil or gas.  In turn the hot media surrounds your product and keeps it warm.  The temperature the oil is pumped at can vary subject to the temperature at which you wish to keep your product at.  We have made Swivels and loading arms to sustain temperatures of over 200 degree C. (Below shows some example of our jacketed arms)

The second way we keep your product warm is through Electrically tracing.  Simply ‘plug and play’.  The arm is traced with electric coils that generate heat to the desired temperature.  Electric tracing is ideal where there is no possibility of a hot gas or oil line.   They also tend to be light and more ergonomic to use.  This isn’t something you should attempt to keep you warm at home! (below shows some examples of our Electrically traced arms)

Should you have an application that needs to keep warm this winter please do get in touch with us today by:

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