Opening Up

Opening Up

Opening Up

England entered a national lockdown in December last year.  Since then, the Covid situation has improved drastically with the vaccination roll out booming.  Boris then laid out small steps on a plan to freedom.  The latest of these stages was just over a week ago.  England are now aloud to eat and drink inside with a group of up to 6 people.  This is great news for our hospitality industry for whom have had a tough year.  The majority of pubs and restaurants can now open their doors for the public.  But what will this mean?

Supply chains will now be tested.  Many in the Drinks industry have laid partly or fully dormant waiting for the pubs to open.  Going from zero to full production will be a test that I am sure they will welcome.

So how can EWFM help?

Engineered Delivery NozzlesLoading Arms

Many in the beer industries are still carrying hose to their tankers.  This is hard and demanding for their operators.  Maybe more so after this break in production.  I am sure we all want to protect their backs and therefore a loading arm is a perfect solution.  Not only does it keep your hose off the floor but it is much more clean.  We also install our loading arms with breakaway coupling which in the event of a drive away accident save costly damage.

Cask and Drum Filling Equipment

We largely help the Whisky industry already, but many drinks before bottling are stored in drums and casks.   We are familiar with many who simply still use a hose.  The problem with this, if the operator isn’t paying attention, there is no prevention of overfilling.  This can mean much product is wasted which over time can be costly for your business.  As demand now increases the chances for error is only on the up too.  Use our Automatic Filling Nozzles or Drum Filling head to put your mind at easy.

Opening Up


One we don’t really need to explain.  EWFM offer a large variety of food grade hose to help transfer fluids to their required location.  In the food industry cleanliness is paramount, EWFM will ensure the right hose is being used for the job.

Swivel Joints

Do you need articulation pipework in your plant?  Do you need to reduce stress or torsion on a hose?  Look no further, EWFM offer huge selection of Swivel Joints for your every need.  With Tri Clamp and RJT fitting, polished interiors, and food grade seals.  Our swivel joints will comply with your food grade standard.

I guess the message for this blog is to be prepared.  The industry will hopefully go boom in the coming weeks, so be ready for the high demand.  Don’t cut corners and ensure everything is in place to protect both your plant and operators.

We always work together with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process, so get in touch with us today and start to build your long-term relationship with us, so we can help your business grow and operate safely.

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