Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Eggs in basket

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

The phrase is generations old and basically means do not put all your trust in one idea or plan for success. With Easter just round the corner, we have decided not to write about bunnies and chocolate, but a blog discussing trust.

All companies prosper based on the effectiveness of their customer and supplier relationships. If a customer is happy in their relationship with their supplier, the level of trust increases.  However, if this relationship is not well maintained and little time is spent on developing that relationship, the Customer can leave.

Here at EWFM, we work extremely hard in maintaining our Supplier and Customer relationships with regular visits and open lines of communication. As UK & European Distributors for many of our Suppliers, we promote their products on a weekly basis through our mailshots and via our website.  These close relationships ensure that we can offer cost effective pricing to our Customers, both returning and new.

As a Company trading now for almost 19 years in the UK and Worldwide, we do feel that we have earned a reputation as being trustworthy, and a Company who can be relied upon to deliver a range of products which are cost effective and reliable. We could go as far as stating that: “Yes, you could put all your eggs in one basket when dealing with EWFM”.  If you read our recent blog on St. Patrick’s Day (the transport journey of food and drink), you would have ascertained the added value we can offer when supplying product thereby reducing the need to order from numerous suppliers.

Hope and Trust go hand-in-hand so when we say “we hope you will look at our website and trust you will find the swivel/coupling/filling equipment you are looking for”, we mean it.

Easter chicks