Standard Large Bore Swivels

Large Bore Swivel 1

Standard Large Bore Swivels

High quality with quick lead times at an affordable price!

EWFM now supply an extensive range of standard large bore Swivels. They are perfect for applications where the Swivel effectively isn’t subject to excessive loads, pressures or temperatures. Some perfect examples of these include Marine Loading Arms, Floating Suction Units and Hose Reels.

Machined out of solid bar the Swivel design means there is no welding process. They are generally supplied with ANSI or PN flanges with PTFE-Compound seals.  These Swivels therefore have a low cost as, not only is money saved on welding, but with two rows of ball bearing the compact design saves on material too.

Here is a list of the basic information you need to know:

  • Sizes 12” – 48”
  • Stainless, Carbon and Duplex Steel (More exotic materials available on request)
  • PN or ANSI flanged
  • Easy seal change


That’s not all…

These Swivels can also be supplied with elbows and in different configurations. Let us know your requirement and we’ll be sure to help.

For Floating Suction Units our most common design is style 40 (See examples below).

Standard Large Bore Swivels

Some typical applications in use so far…

Marine Loading Arms – Most marine loading arms consist of around 8 Swivel Joints. Our Swivel design is ideal for this application giving the arm a smooth operation to allow it to safely bunker the ship.  To date we have supplied Swivels up to 20” for this process.

Floating Suction UnitsFloating Suction Units are designed to draw the purist fuel from just below the surface. A Swivel Joint is therefore required to allow the arm to float up and down within the tank. This is the most popular use of our large bore Swivel Joints as its simple yet effective design is all that is required.

If you would like to discuss your requirement further or if you have a unusual application for which standard large bore swivels wont be suitable, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team and they’ll be sure to help:

By Telephone – +44(0) 1763 248650
By Email – [email protected]