What’s Your Priority Regarding Safety?

What’s Your Priority Regarding Safety?

What’s Your Priority Regarding Safety?

What are you current Business Priorities regarding safety? In a world dominated by the rapid advancement of AI and cutting-edge technology, businesses are constantly reevaluating their priorities. Yet, amidst this ever-changing landscape, one fundamental aspect remains unwavering – the commitment to ensuring a secure and safe working environment for every employee.

As dedicated professionals step into their workplaces each day, their focus should be on productivity and growth, not on the potential hazards that lurk within. The need for robust safety procedures has never been more critical. While these procedures may vary across industries, the consensus is clear: safety is paramount. Whether it’s the unpredictability of accidents at heights, on the floor, or elsewhere, the imperative remains unchanged.

In today’s blog, we explore the current state of workplace safety. We will delve into the challenges businesses face and, more importantly, unveil practical solutions that can make a real difference. Enter EWFM – a beacon of innovation and reliability in the realm of safety access systems.

How often are accidents are happening?

Intriguingly, despite the strides in technological advancements, the prevalence of workplace accidents remains a pressing issue. Disturbingly, data collected by the Health and Safety Executive spanning from 2018 to 2023 reveals a stark reality – an annual average of 606,000 workers grappling with injuries sustained in workplace accidents, coupled with an additional 677,000 workers each year facing new cases of work-related ill health.

The gravity of these incidents becomes even more pronounced when considering their potential lethality. Falls from heights emerge as the foremost contributor to fatal incidents, accounting for a staggering 27%, closely trailed by individuals being struck by moving vehicles at 18%. The human toll is immeasurable, but the financial repercussions are equally daunting, with a total cost of £7.7 billion recorded in the fiscal year 2021/22. This breaks down to an average of £12,200 per non-fatal injury and a staggering £1.9 million per fatal injury.

Zooming in on falls from heights, where 27% of fatal injuries and 8% of non-fatal injuries occur, a red flag is raised, demanding urgent attention. The question that looms large is: How can this alarming statistic be mitigated?

How EWFM can make your workers safer:

Our journey commenced with a focus on safety access systems tailored for operations at elevated heights. Our signature folding stairs, also known as step units, exemplify our dedication to ensuring operator safety, especially in scenarios like accessing the top of tankers for initiating filling processes. However, their versatility extends beyond this specific use. Additionally, our folding platform serves as a reliable solution for operators transitioning between gantries and the summits of tankers. Complementing these, our gantry stands provide secure, handrailed enclosed areas at the required height, facilitating safe access to the summits of tankers and rail cars.

We have expanded our offerings to address ground-level safety concerns. Our mobile step unit stands as a testament to this commitment, offering operators movable steps that cater to various height requirements. Moreover, we’ve introduced two variations of a pallet gate, streamlining the process for workers moving heavy objects and enhancing overall safety protocols.

Folding Stairs
Folding Platforms
Gantry Stands
Mobile Step Units
Rollover Pallet Gate
Swing Arm Pallet Gate

Navigating the complexities of workplace safety can be challenging, but our dedicated sales team is here to assist you. If you’re uncertain about the right equipment to ensure the safety of your employees, reach out to us, and our knowledgeable team will guide you towards the most suitable solution. For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, our experienced sales team is more than willing to visit your site, providing personalised advice on best practices to propel your business forward securely. At EWFM, safety is not just a priority; it’s our commitment to keeping your workforce safe and your operations running seamlessly.

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