Swivel Joints supporting the Farming Industry

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Swivel Joints supporting the Farming Industry

12 months ago, we were approached to supply cost effective but high-quality swivel joints to a leading company in the United States of Livestock Manure Handling Equipment.

The swivel joints would be used on their liquid manure injection toolbars. These toolbars allow for efficient top-dressing application, splash / incorporation, or deep till injection of liquid manure.  Having previously used a piece of pipe to control the arm and allow the machine to turn at the end of the field they were looking for something that was more durable, that would not wear out so fast and had a leakproof seal.

Our model 2174 swivel joint provided the strong and reliable solution they were looking for. We started by supplying 2 trial units to allow them to see the quality for themselves and confirm that the swivel joint would be suitable.  Impressed with them and following the success of the trial units, a further 36 swivel joints of the same size have since been ordered and 4 more trial pieces in a larger size for further future applications.

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Shipping directly to their door in the United States was a further benefit for them.

Feedback received so far is they are “extremely happy with the friendly service and quality of the swivel joints and which has improved the operation of our product”

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