Keeping Aircraft in the Sky

Red Arrows

Keeping Aircraft in the Sky

It is that time of year again when our seaside resorts host an Airshow to entertain and delight aircraft enthusiasts and tourists as well as boosting the local economy.  With around 30 Airshows (and Flypasts) in the UK each year and many more around the world their popularity is growing.

Red Arrows 1The Red Arrows; everyone’s favourite and a big draw to any airshow, thrill and entertain us with their amazing acrobatic displays. There are 9 Red Arrows plus a 10th Red Arrow which is flown by the Team Manager who provides a commentary during the display.

Their last UK appearance this year was at the Royal International Air Tattoo in July and they have since left for North America via Iceland, Greenland and North Canada.

You might be reading all this and wondering why its got anything to do with EWFM.  The fact of the matter is EWFM play a large part within the aviation industry.

  1. To start with we supply floating suctions units which help draw the purest fuel out of storage tanks.  We avoid the slurry on top and the sediment at the bottom.  Ideal for JET A1 which fuel aircraft.
  2. We then supply aviation couplings which help get the fuel from storage tanks to road tankers and in some cases road tankers to aircraft.
  3. Now the fuel has reached the aircraft we supply the final bit, with both refuelling and hot refuelling nozzles to fill the aircraft directly.

There we have it, we may not currently be fuelling the red arrows but EWFM help many other planes and helicopters stay in the sky safely.

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