API Couplers

API Couplers and API Couplers

API Couplers

API Couplers used for bottom loading and un-loading of petroleum tankers have been industry standard for connecting and dis-engaging from tanker filling adaptors since the mid 1970’s.

EWFM can offer two options of API Couplers, both of which are designed and manufactured to fully meet API RP1004 specification:-

Manufactured from Aluminium, the 4” female API Liquid Coupler and Vapour Coupler are used for installation on bottom loading arms or flexible hose for white hydrocarbon products and ensure a safe and quick connection to the male API Adaptor on the tanker. Manufactured to API RP1004 this coupling can be used with any male adaptor manufactured to the same Industry standard.


Why Choose these API Couplers?

Both designs of couplers are fitted with T.T.M.A. flanges and a check valve which ensures a complete seal, when the coupler is connected with the Male API Adaptor on the tank. This valve is manually operated by a lever (2 in the case of the vapour recovery coupler) and negates the problems encountered with semi-automatic couplers where the mechanism can jam and become difficult to release.

Both designs of API couplers are of a robust construction, a durable design and are easy to maintain. Manufactured in Aluminium they have an anodised surface finish, and Viton Seals.  Although both designs are supplied with TTMA inlet connections as standard, there are other options available for the API Vapour Coupler.  It may also be worth noting that the API Vapour Coupler comes complete with brass locking cams and that a bio fuel model and other variations are available for the API Liquid Coupler.

The Viton seals can also be replaced by Viton LT Seals, for use with low temperatures down to -40Degrees or Kalrez PFX8010 Seals for aggressive fluids.


AccessoriesAPI Couplers

  • Locking Device – to be fixed on the structure
  • Locking Device – complete with standpost
  • Proximity Switch


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