The Water Treatment Industry

Water Treatment

The Water Treatment Industry

Recently, EWFM unveiled two new ranges, including new additions to our Storage Tank Equipment and a new range of Water Treatment Equipment. Water is an essential resource for the world as it allows us humans to exist, and it can also be a fundamental component of industrial processes. To ensure that water is safe for consumption, it has to meet varying quality standards which can depend on the application.

In today’s blog, we will take a look at the UK Water Treatment Industry, the process water goes through, and the newest additions tailored for the industry.

The Industry in the UK:

The UK leads the Water Treatment Industry with innovative technology and products that have garnered global recognition. There are approximately 7,078 sewage treatment works in England and Wales, generating 16.6 billion litres of high-quality water every day for 63.9 million people. Major players in the industry include Thames Water, Anglian Water, and Veolia Water Treatment. Based on revenue in 2022, Thames Water was the largest company in the sector, making a staggering £2.18 billion.

However, the company has come under fire recently, accused and criticized for discharging sewage into rivers and various other activities with detrimental impacts on the environment and the general public. In July of this year, they were fined a total of £3.3 million for a pollution incident dating back to 2017.

The Water Treatment Industry
The process water goes through at these plants:

The process that water undergoes at these plants can vary depending on the quality of the source water and the specific treatment goals. However, the following is a general overview of the typical processes involved in water treatment:

  • Raw water is sourced from rivers, streams, lakes, wells, and other sources and is diverted to water treatment plants.
  • The treatment begins with coagulation and flocculation, which involves the addition of chemicals to help remove impurities from the water.
  • The water is then directed into a large basin where heavy impurities settle at the bottom, leaving clarified water at the top; this process is called sedimentation.
  • The clarified water undergoes further filtration to remove any remaining fine suspended particles.
  • pH levels are adjusted to ensure the water is safe for human consumption and does not corrode pipework.
  • Finally, the treated water is stored and distributed via a network of pipes to buildings across the UK.
Our new range of equipment:
  • Geodesic Tank Dome: An integrated roof system, designed to protect the medias found in tanks from environmental influences.
  • Tank Cover: A fixed or floating cover that are the ideal solution for concealing water and oil separator systems.
  • Tank Corr: A corrugated cover that is designed to minimise gas and odours found within tanks and other water installations.
  • Tank Baffle: This is a smooth deflector screen designed to solve fluid guiding needs in water installations.
Geodesic Tank Dome situated on top of Storage Tanks
Tank Cover
Tank Corr
Tank Baffle

To find more information about the above products, please visit their respective product pages. Alternatively, you can contact our sales team using the contact information below. They are ready to provide you with their expertise on all our new water treatment equipment.

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