Loading Arms and Unloading Arms

EWFM Supply a range of land Loading Arms and Unloading Arms for discharging or filling tank trucks and rail cars. These arms are either bottom or top types of arms. Both types of loading arms are typically made of 3 pipes – respectively called inner arm, outer arm and drop pipe. The size can be from 1” to 6”. These 3 pipes are connected by swivel joints. Swivel joints are required to provide the flexibility needed. The loading arm unfolds to get the required working envelope to load or unload the tanker, and the reverse is to retract or get a minimal space for parking or storage. Both types of loading arms may be mounted on a column or via a plate to an existing wall. Balancing is needed due to the weight of the piping. Balancing of the arm is by a spring balance cylinder.

Top loading arms are used to load or unload road or rail tankers. Loading or unloading is done through the manhole on the top of the tanker. Numerous accessories are available to make a loading arm more ergonomic and more effective: press down system, pneumatic up/down system, top level control, safety break valve, purge, drain and vapour return.

The bottom loading arm is for the unloading of road/rail tanker from the bottom, at the rear or side. The location of the connection has an influence on the length of the pipes. As an example, a rear connection requires a longer length of arms than for a side connection. The connection of this kind of loading arm can be made by quick connection coupler such as an API 4” There are also a numerous accessories which can be fitted to the Bottom loading arm to make it more ergonomic and more effective.