Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day

Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone. We hope your day was filled with Flowers and lots of chocolate! But do you know the origins of the most loving day of the year? Originally, it was a Christian feast day honouring a martyr called Valentine. A martyr is someone who has died due to their belief and faith in Jesus. Saint Valentine was a priest in the roman empire who ministered persecuted Christians. There are also many other stories that are associated with Saint Valentine with more recent ones having the theme of love.

The first Valentine’s Day celebration occurred in Paris in 1400 and has now become a commercialised day with sales of flowers and chocolates sky rocketing. According to a video by Homeschool Prep, over one billion Valentine’s cards are sent worldwide. Another activity associated with Valentine’s is the writing of poems. We thought we would keep you in the loving mood by writing a EWFM Valentine’s poem:

EWFM’s Valentine’s Poem:

“Roses are red,

Swivel Joints can be Hammerite Blue,

EWFM have the fluid transfer solution for you”.

What product do the EWFM team love the most:

Guy Curtis (General Manager): “ My favourite products that EWFM sell are Floating Suction Units. I love them due to there sheer size, having supplied units up to a 40” bore, big enough to walk through”.

Mike Phillips (Business Development Manager):Loading & Unloading Arms are my favourite products because of the variation of designs and different applications they can be used in”.

Ben Adamson (Marketing Executive): “The products I love the most is our range of Swivel Joints. We have large selection of these, and our customers are always ordering different variations. This allows me to take unique pictures each time to post on the company’s social media platforms”.

Anne Jones (Marketing Assistant): “My favourite product is the Breakaway Coupling. The reasons why is because it keeps workers safe when dealing with hazardous substances.”

If you love our products, leave us a message, and tell us why? And if you love them that much, get in contact with our sales team who will be able to assist you in any enquiries or questions you may have.

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