Longevity “Long Life”

Long Life

Longevity “Long Life”

Longevity, or a “long life”, is something that we all strive to achieve in everything that we do. From us individually living longer and healthy lives, to trusting a piece of equipment we purchase will not breakdown as soon as it starts to be used.

2022 has seen many notable events reach a special “long life”. These include:

– Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee
– Hadrian’s Wall becoming 1900 Years old
– The 150th FA Cup Final taking place.

All are amazing achievements in very different ways, from great feats of engineering to personal achievements, and all are events to be proud of.

At EWFM we know the “long life” of our products is critically important to our customers. By spending the time listening to and working with them, we are able to determine the most suitable product for their requirement. By getting this right, is why our customers trust the advice we provide and allows “long life” working relationships to be built.

Where all of our products are designed for longevity in mind, a few stand out,

Loading Arms

Our Loading Arms are used in multiple industries all across the globe for top and bottom unloading and loading Road & Rail Tankers.

With over 20,000 arms supplied from our factory worldwide we are extremely experienced and trusted in this market.

We typically expect our Loading Arms to be in operation for up to 20 years.

Floating Suction Units

As we are able to offer one of the largest range of sizes of Floating Suction Units on the market (2” up to 40”+) it is important that our customers know that our Floating Suction Units will work for a “long life” once they are installed.

We typically expect our Floating Suction Units to be in operation for 25 years plus.

Engineered Filling Nozzles

Our Engineered Filling Nozzles are used commonly in the Distilling, Food Manufacturing and Chemical Industries. With manual and automatic options available it is not uncommon for our nozzles to last 5-10 years+ after their first use.

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 24 month guarantee as standard across the majority of our products (excluding wear and tear damage). However, we have been known to offer 60 months in certain circumstances (excluding wear and tear damage)

Just as we are proud of the “long life” events mentioned above, we are also proud of all of our products and the relationships we build.

To find out more information regarding any of our products and how we can support you, get in contact with one of our sales team who will be happy to assist you with any questions or queries you may have.

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