Have fluid to dispense? Look no further than the Engineered Delivery Nozzle

Delivery Nozzles

Have fluid to dispense? Look no further than the Engineered Delivery Nozzle

The Engineered Delivery Nozzle is manufactured in two main designs, manual and automatic.  The manual design simply works on trigger movement.  Pull the trigger to open the valve, let go of the trigger to shut the valve.  The Automatic design works similar to that of a petrol station nozzle.  Pull the trigger to open the valve and when the drum, cask or container is full the nozzle senses the back pressure and cuts off automatically removing the risk of overfilling.  They are available in sizes from ½” through to 2” with a choice of straight, 90˚ or angled spouts.  Vapour recovery is also available on request.

There are nozzle designs available for all manner of liquids and gases, including Corrosive Chemicals, Poisonous Gases, Flammable Fluids and for Hygienic Service.

Typical industries we supply to include

  • Food ( ½” Nozzles for egg custard)
  • Distilleries ( 1” nozzles with automatic shut off for Whisky cask filling)
  • Oil and Gas (2” Nozzles with Automatic shut off for kerosene)
  • Chemical (1 ½” Nozzles with a long filling lance and vapour recovery for toluene)
  • Pharmaceutical (½” Nozzles for perfumes)

This is just a selection, our nozzles have also been supplied for many more applications. They are used, not only for filling drums and casks, but also for fine dosing such as Laboratory usage, sampling and additive mixing.

In order to stop hazardous overfilling, why not consider our acid-proof PTFE lined Engineered Delivery Nozzle with automatic shut-off.  Of course if you are using a very cold product, go for the user friendly version with handle protection that can be operated wearing a glove.

All our Nozzles are made to order and can be customised to suit your needs, whether a long lance is required or an adapted end.

If you have a specific use or product in mind, challenge us and we will do our very best to create a solution for you.