EWFM supporting Airfields & the Aviation Industry


EWFM supporting Airfields & the Aviation Industry

Despite Covid 19 still impacting globally, easing of lockdown restrictions have seen various member states in Europe open their arms in welcoming holidaymakers to their shores. Flights to popular holiday destinations are now running on a daily basis from Britain, and tourism is back on the economic agenda.  Although the way we as passengers use airplanes will now change and adapt to take the virus in to account, have you ever taken a moment to think about the logistics of getting that plane in the air?  On a basic level, the aircraft requires fuel….

At EWFM we have been supporting Airfields and the Aviation Industry for many years and have a range of products that go into supporting their day to day functions, including: –

Floating Suction Units

Used in fuel storage tanks, our floating suction units make aircraft fuel safer by allowing you to draw fuel roughly 500mm below the fluids surface and above the tank base to stop detritus and water contaminants.

We have many years’ experience in supplying these to Airfields all over the world and can support vertical or horizontal and above or below ground tanks with fixed or floating roofs.  Available in single and double arm designs, we can offer these units in our standard range up to 12” and our engineered range up to 32” in a various material.

Floating Suction Unit Model 2249 Double Range Floating Suction Unit Model 2302

Loading Arms

Our great range of Loading Arms are designed for loading or unloading road or rail tankers.  Our wide range and engineered solutions mean we will have a loading arm that will be perfect for you.

We can offer both top and bottom arms from 1” – 8” in a variety of designs

6 Inch Model 621-BC Fixed Reach Top Loading Arm

This 6” Top Loading Arm was supplied to the El Dorado Airport in Bogota, Columbia for filling fire appliances with fire suppression liquids.

We also have our range of Mann Tek Aviation Coupling, Nozzles and Hose that are all specifically designed for the aviation refuelling industry

Our aim is always to work together in partnership with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the process. Get in touch with Guy and Mike today and start to build your long-term relationship with us, so we can help your business grow and operate safely.

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