Loading Arm Couplings

Loading arm couplings

Loading Arm Couplings

Loading arm couplings are used to ensure a safe, dry and quick connection to that of a mating road or rail tanker. The most common range used for hydrocarbon loading arms is the API Liquid Coupler and the API Vapour Coupler.  We also however offer the full range of Mann-tek Couplings (according to STANAG 3756) which can also be used dependant on your mating connection.


API Liquid Coupler – Aluminium

The 4″ Female API Couplers (Liquid) Model C-2659 are for bottom loading hydrocarbon road tankers.

This is an industry standard design according to the American Petroleum RP1004 and consists of 7 operating lugs, 5 interlock lugs and 2 trigger mechanisms for security.   We also offer a bio-fuel version on request.

In addition we use the female API coupler as standard on our Bottom Loading Arm models 740, 750 and many others.


API Vapour Coupler – Aluminium

Designed for road tanker bottom loading, the 4” API Vapour Coupler connects to the tank trucks mating male vapour adaptor.  It has been designed for use with Loading Arms and flexible hose assemblies, for use with hydrocarbon products.

This API vapour coupler also has a TTMA flange with a check valve that ensures it is sealed when it is not connected to a tank truck. Furthermore the locking system between the two parts is a Cam and Groove type and is engaged by the two levers on the side of the coupling.  Once again this coupling is made in accordance with API RP1004


Mann-tek Couplings


The Dry Disconnect Coupling, can be used for connection and disconnection of Loading arms to and from tankers.  They work on the “push and turn to connect” system, and when coupled you have full flow.  Similarly to disconnect, “turn and pull” and then it is released with no spillage.  Dry Disconnect Couplings are our standard choice for handling liquids and are available in sizes from ½” to 8” in materials including Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Hastelloy.  If you are unsure, please give us a call and we will help to advise the correct product for you.


In many cases where extra safety is required we also equip safety breakaways to our loading arm couplings.  In the event a tanker moves off while a coupling is still connected the safety breakaway removes the risk of damage and safely breaks cutting off the fluid.