Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Suction Units

Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Suction Units

Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Suction Units

Our next blog in the chapter of Frequently Asked Questions is all about Floating Suction Units.


Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Suction UnitsWhat Size are your Floating Suction Units?

We have 2 main ranges.  Our standard design which ranges from 2” -12”, these are generally on fast deliveries.  Our large bore design then goes from 14” and can go up to 32”+ if required.

What Materials do we offer?

In sizes up to 12” we can manufacture in Aluminium, Carbon and Stainless Steel.  Anything over 12” we don’t offer Aluminium, frankly because the metal is too week to cope with the required loads.

Can you provide Floating Suctions for both Fixed and Floating Roofs?

Of course, we have a different design for each case.  For fixed roofs, the Floating Suction is provided with floats to ensure suction roughly 500mm below the fluids surface.  For a floating roof we provide a trolley system with wheels that effectively runs across the roof of the tank as it lowers.  Again, this prevents any damage to the tank and ensures suction just below the fluids surface.

Can we design the floating suction?

We have been providing Floating Suctions for over 15 years.  Our engineers our experts in the field.  All we need from you is Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Suction Unitsthe height, diameter and type of tank and we will recommend the right Floating Suction for you.  In the event of an order we will create drawing for approval.

What Tank Connections can you do?

Every Floating Suction Unit is made to order.  We will end it in whatever connection you require.  Generally, this is Flanged but other requirements are available on request.

Can you offer level sensors and sampling lines?

We never shy away from a challenge.  We offer both mechanic and automated level sensors to signal the fluid levels within the tanks.  We also provide sampling lines if required which can draw fluid from the top, middle and bottom of the floating suction.  Other extras are also available on request.


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