World Population Day

World Population Day

World Population Day

This week on the 11th of July was the UN observance known as “World Population Day”. The observance came about in 1989 largely after the huge public response to “Five Billion day”, the day (11th July) in 1987 when the world’s population hit five billion.

This is the time the world comes together, as designated by the United Nations, to focus their attention and seek to raise awareness on the urgency and importance of population issues, including their relations to the environment and human development.

Our world now currently holds its population at 7.8 billion people!

How EWFM can help the increase:

As the world’s population grows there is a need for more transport, transfers and distribution of liquid and gasses around the world. During these increased demands, we also need to ensure that services are keeping up with the safety regulations and the wellbeing of the worlds environment.

To do so, EWFM supply the best leading Couplers in the market that ensure just this. Our Couplers are easy and quick to use for connection/disconnection, spill-free and compatible for all industries and applications. Our extensive range of Couplings includes:

  • Dry-disconnect: The go-to coupling choice when handling liquid, chemicals and gases.
  • Gas: Primarily used for the loading and unloading of liquefied petroleum gas and various other gas medias.
  • Aviation: Designed to handle aviation fuel and can be found at any point in the aviation fuel process.
  • Cryogenic: Only used for cryogenic applications and medias, the cryogenic coupling can handle medias down to -196° C.

These ensure we can help you stay inline with these demands while keeping the world and environment safe as it vastly continues to grow.

Dry Disconnect

If you or your company uses Couplings in any of your business processes, then get in contact with our sales team who will be more than happy to assist you with any current or future requirements.

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