Filling and Emptying Equipment

EWFM can supply a wide range of drum, IBC or cask filling and emptying equipment for a variety of fluids and quantities. Our product range includes manual and automatic nozzles and the drum filling head.

All of our filling and emptying equipment is made to order. Our aim is to work with you and solve a solution, be it a standard or engineered product.

Manual Filling Nozzle

The manual filling nozzle range from 1/2" to 2".  You simply pull the trigger to open the valve and release it to close.  These nozzles are manufactured in Stainless Steel or Hastelloy and suitable for pressures up to 6 BAR.  To date the manual nozzle has been used in an extensive range of conditions.  Some include, foods, hydrocarbons, pharmaceutical, chemical and sampling.  The manual nozzle can be fitted with a safety lock to ensure it can not be accidently opened when not in use.

Automatic Filling Nozzle  

The Automatic filling nozzle works on the same principle as a petrol nozzle you use to fill your car.  Once the fluid reaches the top of the IBC, drum or cask the nozzle senses the back pressure and automatically cuts off.  The main advantage over this to a petrol nozzle is that it is made out of either Stainless Steel or Hastelloy with a range of seal materials.  This means this nozzle can cater for a large range of hazardous, corrosive and hygienic medias.  This can be manufactured in sizes from 1"-2".

Drum FiIlling Head 

Unlike the filling nozzle the drum filling head uses a electronic tuning fork to sense when the fluid reaches the top of the OBC, drum or cask.  The Drum filling head is often used for when the fluid is viscous or foaming.

All our filling and emptying equipment can be customised to suit your requirement.  Be it extended lances, proximity sensors and flow meters, challenge us with your requirements!