Leaping into 2018

Leaping into 2018

Leaping into 2018

Now that we have reached January 2018 we, at EWFM, are taking the opportunity of reviewing last year 2017.

The EWFM Team was pleased to be boosted with the addition of Mike Phillips who joined us in April. Mike has settled in well and become a valued member of the team.

The drop in the oil price in 2015 hit the Oil and Gas Industry badly, and we have seized the opportunity to diversify into other markets. We are now established, receiving regular enquiries and orders, from home and abroad, in areas such as Chemical, Food Manufacture, Paper & Pulp, Water Treatment/Purification, Distilling, Drilling, Aviation and many more.

As in everything, situations change and it is good to see, and experience, the upturn in the Oil and Gas Industry again and we are seeing more enquiries and have many ongoing new projects.

Positive moments:
  • 12% increase in overall enquiries worldwide.
  • Our new website was released in April this year.
  • 26th consecutive successful ISO 9001 quality audit.
  • Supplied major refineries and petrochemical plants with Loading Arms.
  • Supplied Nozzles to major distilleries and chemical manufacturers.
  • Swivel sales spread across all industries including Hydrocarbon, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and food both on and offshore.
  • Regular sales with aviation equipment for the MOD.

December rushed by and we hope you, like us, are starting the New Year refreshed and energised for new opportunities.

As always should any of the above be of interest for you why don’t you join us by leaping into 2018 with a enquiry.  Contact us via:

Email – [email protected]

Phone – +44 (0) 1763 248650