A Swivel for a Tight Spot

The Compact Swivel

A Swivel for a Tight Spot

Are you looking to relieve stress and torsion in hose or pipework but are struggling in a tight spot? Look no further, we offer the Compact Swivel Joint. Our Compact Swivel joint has what we believe to be the smallest flange to flange face dimension in the market. It is perfect where room is limited and you need a Swivel for that tight spot.

In this blog we are going to talk about the main factors that make this Swivel so unique:


Low Profile

Why not start by stating the obvious?  The compact Swivel to our knowledge is the most compact design on the market.  It’s a great solution where you are limited to a tight spot yet you need pipework to articulate or stress and torsion to be reduced.  Customers have enjoyed the low-profile design yet are impressed on its ability to do the required job.



I guess this comes with the compact design.  Pipe assemblies tend to be heavy and weight is always a concern.  Due to the compactness of these Swivels these are lightweight and a great addition where weight is a constraint.


High Quality Design

With so little space, you might be thinking does it operate smoothly?  Well the answer to that is yes.  The Swivel consists of one row of ball bearings.  These bearings have high load capacity and are installed through a single hole so that it is virtually impossible for the Swivel to separate in service.  It also has one row of needle roller bearings which keep the main bearings and seals perfectly aligned.  The main seal in either Viton, Nitrile or PTFE.  Not only that we also have a dust seal in this space to keep the dirt out and allow grease purging to clean the bearing area.

That’s the technical bit but what it means is:

  • Smooth operation
  • Quick Seal Change
  • Easy Repair
  • Easy re-grease

Swivel for a Tight Spot

Cost effective

The Compact Swivel isn’t the cheapest on the market due its engineered design but it is definitely an affordable product.  If you are looking for a product that offers smooth long-lasting operation at a good price then the Compact Swivel is your answer.


Short Delivery Times

Due to the popularity of these products parts are often kept in stock.  This means speedy lead times.  They are an ideal solution when a high-quality solution is needed quickly.


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