National Poetry Day

Poetry Day

National Poetry Day

On this 5th of October, it’s Poetry’s grand display, National Poetry Day, where words in vivid array, paint emotions, thoughts, and dreams in a poetic ballet. From sonnets to haikus, let verses gently sway, in celebration of the art, come what may. So, let us all together, in unity, convey the power of poetry on this special day.

England is well known for being the home to some of the world’s most renowned poets, boasting literary giants such as William Wordsworth, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Geoffrey Chaucer, and the father of English literature, William Shakespeare.

In today’s blog, we will take a look at the most rhythmic day of the year and even try our hand at creating our own EWFM poem.

About National Poetry Day:

On the first Thursday of every October, National Poetry Day is celebrated. It’s an event that encourages everyone to write and share their poetry. Since 1994, this day has been used to promote the use of poetry in schools and everyday life as it’s seen as a great way to express emotions. National Poetry Day was founded by the Forward Arts Foundation and garnered support from influential organisations like the BBC. The day holds three core objectives:

  • To showcase new voices and celebrate diversity.
  • To promote the vital role that poetry plays in all our lives – poetry has the power to bring people and communities together.
  • To foster love of language and the sharing of poetry.

Each year, National Poetry Day revolves around a specific theme, and this year’s theme is “Refuge.” Additionally, numerous events, including workshops and recitals, are held throughout the UK, offering opportunities for individuals to immerse themselves in the poetic experience. You can find a local event by clicking on the link below:

EWFMs own little poem:

In the realm of industry, where machines and pipelines entwine,

EWFM stands as a beacon, their reputation a sign.

With Swivel Joints, they pivot and turn, a fluid connection,

Precision and strength in every direction.


Loading Arms extend their reach, a bridge between tankers and land,

Efficiency and safety, their guiding hand.

Storage Tank Equipment, a fortress for liquids in repose,

From roofs to suction units, where reliability flows.


Innovation is their creed, a passion in their core,

EWFM’s dedication to excellence, we can’t ignore.

From shipyards to factories, in fields near and far,

Their products shine brightly, like a guiding star.


So, here’s to EWFM, in the industry’s grand parade,

A name we trust, where quality’s always displayed,

In this ever-evolving, mechanical domain,

EWFM’s expertise shall forever reign!

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