Freedom day has arrived!

Freedom day

Freedom day has arrived!

Monday 19th July 2021 marked the final stage of the UK Governments road map out of the national lockdown, also known as ‘Freedom Day’. After a tough 18 months it is the light at the end of the tunnel that many have been waiting for especially businesses around the UK. Personal health and safety has been never been more important as it is right now due to the pandemic, but workplace health and safety has always been an issue with hundreds of thousands of injuries happening every year.

Last year, it was reported by the Labour Force Survey that around 693,000 working people sustained an injury at work, with the construction and manufacturing industries being in the top three for reporting the most work place injuries. A variety of injuries can occur in the workplace but falling from a height accounted for 47% of workplace injuries in the UK in 2020.

Here at EWFM we aide construction and manufacturing companies with products such as Access Systems that ensure our clients worksites are as safe as possible when working from heights. Our Access System product line includes:

Folding stairs

Our Folding Stairs are designed to ensure a safe working environment for employees and workers who need to access aspects of their job from a height. Whether that be reaching the top of a truck or a storage tank. The stairs are manufactured in a mild steel which helps protect them from corrosive and chemical conditions.  As well as that, the folding stairs come with a safety cage which reduces the risk of a worker falling when on the job.

Folding Platforms

The Folding Platforms, also known as Bridging Access Platforms, are constructed to bridge the gap that would be between a loading bay and a tanker. Similar to the Folding Stairs, they are manufactured in mild steel to combat those harsh conditions. The platforms are offered with a range of widths and reach to ensure that our clients get the right fit for them.

Gantry stands

Our Gantry Stands are customisable to suit your needs. Starting from the ground up, we offer ladder and stair way kits that will lead to the gantry platform which will have a safe handrail enclosed area. In addition, the gantry stand works in tandem with the Folding Stairs and Platforms.

Although its Freedom Day, the UK Government still advises us to proceed with caution in our every day lives, as should all businesses when it comes to ensuring that all employees are working in a safe environment.

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