The Fact Files: Storage Tank Equipment

The Fact Files: Storage Tank Equipment

The Fact Files: Storage Tank Equipment

In the third instalment of the fact file series, we will be looking more in depth at our range of storage tank equipment. This includes single-arm and double-arm variations of our Floating Suction Units, as well as an articulated roof drain.


Single and Double Arm Floating Suction Unit:

The main purpose of a floating suction unit is to draw fluid roughly 500 mm below the surface. This process ensures the suction of the purest fuel without the contamination of particles or scum that are often gathered at the surface of the tank. In other cases, floating suction units may be used in reservoirs and are used to avoid drawing the dirt or debris that is very often found near the surface.

The Single Arm variation of the Floating Suction Unit is the perfect solution for when the height of the tank is less than its diameter. The double arm is used for the opposite when the height is greater than the diameter. The double arm therefore consists of an intermediate swivel joint.

The position of the suction surface is guaranteed by the presence of floats, which will be correctly sized in relation to the weight of the unit and the product stored in the tank. Our Floating Suction Units can be supplied with a bore size of 2″ to an excess of 40″.

Our Floating Suction Units are generally supplied in Aluminium, Carbon, or Stainless Steel. Seal material is generally subject to the stored media but is normally Viton or PTFE. As always, variations are available on request.


Articulated Roof Drains:

The articulated roof drain is designed for the removal of rainwater and snow from the floating roofs of storage tanks. These are ideal to protect the tank as a build up of rain and snow melt on the roof can cause severe damage. When ordered, the roof drain is designed around your tank so that it avoids roof legs and other particulars within the tank. Like both of the floating suction units, it can be manufactured in aluminium, carbon, or stainless steel.

Single Arm Floating Suction Unit, Double Arm Floating Suction Unit, Articulated Roof Drain

Thank you for reading this month’s fact file on our storage tank equipment. If you have any questions or enquiries about any of the products mentioned above, then please get in touch and the team will be happy to assist you.

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