King Charles III Coronation Weekend

King Charles III

King Charles III Coronation Weekend

Since the tragic passing of Queen Elizabeth in early September last year, Charles has been referred to as King but has not had his official coronation. This weekend, the long-awaited coronation ceremony will take place, along with other activities and festivities to celebrate the crowning of the new king.

The last monarch to be crowned in England was Queen Elizabeth II back in 1953, making this an historic event for many in the population and the world. Despite the lack of technology at the time, the coronation was the first major event to be broadcasted internationally, with an estimated 277 million people across the globe watching it. Although official statistics won’t be released until after the weekend, it is expected that around 350 million people will tune in to watch the coronation.

About the Coronation Weekend:

Up and down the UK, the population will be participating in numerous activities. According to the official Royal Family website, this is the official schedule for the weekend:

Saturday 6th May 2023: This is the day where the official coronation service will be. It will take place at Westminster Abbey. Following that, there will be the ‘The Coronation Procession’ where the King and Queen will be joined by other members of the royal family on a journey back to Buckingham Palace where they will conclude the day by standing on the balcony.

Sunday 7th May 2023: On the Sunday, there will be the ‘Coronation Concert’ and the ‘Coronation Big Lunch’. A concert has become a common theme when Royal events happen and this time it will be held in the grounds of Windsor Castle with entertainers such as Take That, Lionel Richie and Andrea Bocelli all performing. Earlier on in the day, the population of the UK is invited to take part in the ‘Big Lunch’ which is an opportunity for communities to come together to share food, drink, and fun activities.

Monday 8th May 2023: The final day of the celebration weekend is known as the ‘The Big Help Out’. Organised by the Together Coalition with organisations such as Scouts also helping, this is designed to highlight the impact of volunteering can have on local communities and ultimately encourage you to do something that will help out.

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If you would like to send your well wishes to the King, the Church of England have a page which will allow you to do this. You can find that page by clicking on the link below.

As we touched on above, we would just like to inform our customers and readers that the EWFM offices will be closed on Monday 8th May 2023 as it is a bank holiday here in the UK in celebration of the Kings Coronation. The offices will reopen at the usual time on Tuesday the 9th.

We hope that all celebrating have an enjoyable Coronation weekend!

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