Marine Loading Arm Monday – Barca

Marine Loading Arm Mondays - Barca

Marine Loading Arm Monday – Barca

Introducing Marine Loading Arm Mondays, a new mini-series by EWFM Blogs, delving into our latest addition: Marine Loading Arms. Over the coming Mondays, we’ll explore each offering in detail.

Kicking off the series, let’s take a closer look at the Barca Marine Loading Arm.

Why we extended our product range to Marine Loading Arms:

Our expansion into Marine Loading Arms stems from a commitment to better serve our customers. Fuelled by their feedback and market demand, we’ve broadened our range to address evolving needs and provide comprehensive solutions.

This strategic decision reflects a keen understanding of market dynamics, especially the growing demand for Marine Loading Arms in the UK. By embracing this trend, we aim to position ourselves as innovators, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

About the Barca Marine Loading Arm:

Among our range of Marine Loading Arms, the Barca stands out as the sole manual variation. Designed for the seamless transfer of liquids or gaseous products to and from barges or large transportation ships, it boasts a self-bearing construction that ensures optimal balance with the assistance of two single adjustable counterweights.

This Marine Loading Arm incorporates a Model 3-2ST Swivel Joint which is over dimensioned to support the forces acting on the loading arm. This swivel is our most basic model, but it is robust and versatile, making it an ideal choice for a wide array of applications. Its durable configuration is well-suited to handle various products, including inorganic substances, liquid gas, LPG, mineral oils, and even food items. With a flange opening facilitating easy product seal switching, it offers seamless adaptability to different materials and operational requirements.

Functionality is seamlessly integrated into its design, with two single adjustable counterweights ensuring impeccable balance between the inboard and outboard sections at every position. Operated manually with effortless ease, this loading arm boasts a mechanical locking mechanism that guarantees secure positioning when not in use, prioritising safety and reliability above all else.

The Barca Marine Loading Arm offers versatility, accommodating a wide spectrum of applications ranging from high to low temperature and pressure scenarios. With adaptable dimensions ranging from 6″ to 8″ (DN150 – DN200), it stands ready to meet the diverse needs of marine loading operations across various industries.

Marine Loading Arm Monday – Barca
Marine Loading Arm Monday – Barca
Marine Loading Arm Monday – Barca

For more information about the Barca Marine Loading Arm, please contact our sales team, who will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, visit our website to explore details about the arm and our other Marine Loading Arm offerings.

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