Fun Thursday: Sudoku


Fun Thursday: Sudoku

Today is the penultimate fun Thursday. In previous editions, we have tackled all sorts of testing puzzles, such as wordle, crosswords, word search, and word scramble. However, in this month’s edition, we have gone with a classic: Sudoku. This number-based puzzle will surely test your brain on this cold and quite miserable Thursday in the UK.

History of Sudoku:

Sudoku dates back to the 18th century, when it was originally a Swiss mathematician’s game called “Latin Squares.” However, the game we know as sudoku first appeared in Japan in 1984. Sudoku, which in Japanese, means “the digits are limited to one occurrence.” The game is a national favourite in Japan because their language doesn’t work well with word-based puzzles. It gradually made its way out of Japan and into the western world. The first sudoku puzzle to be published in the UK was in 2004 in the Times newspaper.

The game has become so popular that there is a world sudoku championship held every year.

How to play:

To start playing sudoku, simply put the numbers in the empty boxes below. If it is incorrect, the box will turn red. Fancy challenging yourself? You can change the difficulty by clicking on the buttons above the puzzle. Let us know how you got along by sending a screenshot to one of the EWFM social media accounts.

Thank you for taking part in this month’s Fun Thursday! If you didn’t get the chance to try our other EWFM themed puzzle games, then you can find them under the ‘other’ heading on the news page. Come back in December to find our final instalment for the year which will have a Christmas twist!
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