Festival of Light

Festival of light

Festival of Light

Festival of Light celebrations are held in many cultures with probably the most well-known being Diwali which originated in India. Other examples include Hanukkah, Aomori Nebuta Matsuri in Japan, Chinese Lunar Year and Lunar Festival and Candlemas.

Candlemas, held on the 2nd February each year is celebrated in many countries across the world with feasts and processions. It is the last day on which to remove your Christmas decorations to avoid them being possessed by goblins (according to medieval tradition).

Once upon a time ability to have light during the long nights was very important, not just to be able to see to do tasks but to also brighten up those short days. Even though we are fortunate nowadays to just be able to push a switch, light has been more important than ever to many of us this year.

Many families put their Christmas decorations up earlier than normal to help bring cheer and to make us feel better with their twinkling lights. It has also been noticeable that many more have stayed up longer into January than I can ever remember.

This is a tough time for everyone and we would all like a little positivity in our lives. Some people get this from new exercise routines, baking their own cakes or by taking up a new hobby. Others will see the vaccination programme well under way and see light at the end of the tunnel!!

Many local communities are coming up with fun and intuitive ideas to keep the children and families entertained. Our local area is setting up a window walk during half term where people are invited to put up displays in their windows (as long as they are family friendly) for everyone to see whilst they are on their walks locally. This can include disco lights, candles (if safe and supervised) and even putting Christmas lights back up. All designed to help bring cheer and smiles to people’s faces.

At EWFM we are always looking for ways to help people and create positivity. Whether that is supporting our staff with flexible working arrangements, our local community by sponsoring local events and charitable causes or helping our customers with their individual requirements.

Long term relationships and customer satisfaction is what we pride ourselves on

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