Helping you have a safe break

Do you load / unload from tankers & IBC’s?
Do you want to keep your staff, contractors, site, equipment and environment safe?
At EWFM we have the perfect solution for you – our range of Couplings that will allow you to have a safe break.
As a master distributor for Mann Tek we have suitable solutions for most industries, including Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Food and Drink.
Suiting most applications with their self-sealing design they ensure the quickest way of connecting & disconnecting. Providing the highest level of safety for all types of Medias

Key advantages of our Couplings include

– Ease of connection, very quick, automatic locking together when connected.
– No spill on disconnection
– High flow rates 900 ltrs per min 2” & 2,400 ltrs per min 3”
– Light weight 2” Hose Unit 2.3kgs 2” Tank Unit 1.1kgs 3” Hose Unit 8.4kgs 3” Tank Unit 3.1kgs
– Available with over 90 special seal options & 12 different coupling material options
– Virtually maintenance free integrated swivel joint as standard on Hose Units.
– Interchanges with 5 other brands of Dry Disconnect Coupling
– Safety feature that prevents Hose Unit valve to be opened unless completely and securely coupled to the tank unit.
– Size range = ¾” to 8” (inc 2 ½”) – the highest in the class.
– With over 200 options for end connections including all known flanges, BSP NPT male and females, RJT’s, Triclamps etc.
– The couplings are very easy to repair with training given on site and with option of using accredited service centres.
– Robust design of Mann Tek dry disconnect means seal changes on hose units required only every 1-2 years and on tank units approx. every 5,000 connections.
– Many optional extras such as proximity sensors, extended handles, pressure equalizing valves, pressure relief valves, sampling points, integrated safety breakaway, selectivity, colour coding, parking adaptors, locking devices, stop before disconnect features, standard and pressure caps,

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