Black Friday: Fill up your basket before its gone

Black Friday: Fill up your basket before its gone

Black Friday: Fill up your basket before its gone

The last Friday of November is commonly known as Black Friday. It is an American sales day that is usually regarded as the start of the holiday shopping season. However, in recent years, more and more countries have started to incorporate this day into their calendars. Within each country, there will be millions of businesses that take part in Black Friday by offering their customers great discounts and incentives to entice them into buying their products.

Black Friday: 

Black Friday originated in America in the late 1950’s. On the last Thursday of November, families would gather to celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday in which the American population gives thanks and blessings for the previous year. Usually, after that day, families would start to think about what they wanted to give each other for Christmas, which led to the last Friday of November being very busy for businesses. Eventually, it would be described as “Black Friday,” with companies seeing it as an opportunity to increase profits due to the demand after Thanksgiving.

In 2005, Cyber Monday was also introduced alongside Black Friday. It extended the Black Friday sales by a couple of days, and it encourages customers to start purchasing Christmas presents online.

Black Friday is known for customers chaotically filling their trollies and baskets with all the latest technology and products they can find. At EWFM, we don’t do chaotic filling. We offer an engineered nozzle which is perfect for filling drums, IBCs, and casks at a steady rate.

EWFM Engineered Filling Nozzles:

Engineered Filling Nozzles are a part of the EWFM Filling and Emptying Equipment range. The two options we have for our nozzles are manual and automatic. The manual nozzle has a simple design, as all you need to do to operate it is by pulling the trigger to open the valve and then releasing it to close it. With the automatic version, the nozzle senses the back pressure once the container is filled up and will shut the valve Black Friday: Fill up your basket before its gone automatically, just like when you fill up your car with petrol.

The main two materials that the filling nozzle can be supplied in are Hastelloy and stainless steel. Regarding the size that we supply them in, the manual filling nozzle comes in ½” to 2″, and then the automatic version can be manufactured in sizes ranging from 1″ to 2″. Currently, our nozzles have been used in various conditions and media. They can hold fluids used in industries such as food and drink, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. As well as that, our nozzles also cater for a large range of hazardous, corrosive, and hygienic media.

Black Friday may be known for chaos, but our nozzles ensure that you will have a chaos-free filling experience. If one of our nozzles is something that interests you, then feel free to get in contact with one of our sales team.

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