Marine Loading Arms Unleashed

Marine Loading Arms Unleashed

Marine Loading Arms Unleashed

Did you hear the news? Yesterday was our big reveal! After months of teasing, we finally released our latest addition to the EWFM product portfolio, Marine Loading Arms.

For years, customers have been coming to us with the enquiries about Marine Loading Arms. Unfortunately we could never follow through with them as we didn’t sell them, until now. In today’s blog, we will look at what our latest products do and exactly what products and services we have to offer.

What are Marine Loading Arms used for:

Marine Loading Arms are specialised equipment used in ports and terminals to safely and efficiently transfer liquids, such as oil and chemicals, between ships and onshore facilities. Think of them as flexible robotic arms for ships. These arms are designed to reach from the shore to a ship’s deck, allowing the seamless loading and unloading of various medias. Their flexible joints enable easy movement and positioning, accommodating different ship sizes.

The primary purpose of Marine Loading Arms is to streamline the transfer process, ensuring that it is both quick and secure. They play a crucial role in facilitating the transfer of liquids from storage tanks onshore to the ship’s tanks and vice versa, contributing to smooth and reliable maritime operations.

Some of you maybe thinking, what’s the difference between Marine Loading Arms and Loading & Unloading Arms;

  • Marine Loading Arms differ from standard land loading and unloading arms due to their specialised design tailored for maritime environments.
  • Unlike their land counterparts, marine loading arms are equipped with flexible joints and swivels to accommodate the dynamic movement of ships caused by tides and waves.
  • They are also constructed with corrosion-resistant materials to withstand harsh marine conditions.
  • Marine Loading Arms ensure safe and efficient transfer of liquids between ships and onshore facilities, adapting to the challenges posed by the maritime setting, which standard land loading and unloading arms may not effectively address.
EWFMs offerings:
Marine Loading Arms:

Barca (Manual): Featuring a self-bearing construction balanced by two single adjustable counterweights, this manual Marine Loading Arm is designed for efficient operation. The counterweight system facilitates manual operation, and the arm mechanically locks when in the resting position. Available in sizes 6” (DN150) and 8” (DN200), the product pipe comes in materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel, providing versatility to suit various needs

Minerva (Semi Self Supporting): The Minerva is crafted with self-bearing features and achieves balance through a cable pantograph system with two separate counterweights. Employing a low-maintenance and lightweight pantograph system, the two separate counterweights effectively balance both the inboard and outboard arms for optimal performance.

Atlanta (Full Support Structure): The Atlanta system incorporates a separate support construction, balanced by a cable pantograph system with two individual counterweights. This design ensures equilibrium throughout the loading arm’s movement. The inboard and outboard arms are counterweighted through the pantograph system, ensuring a consistent nominal bore across the entire loading arm for optimal performance.

Other Services:
Other Products:

For further information, you can head over to the products respective pages on our website. Alternatively, get in contact with our sales team who will be happy to assist you in finding the right marine loading solution for you!

The Future of Marine Loading is Here!

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