World Nutella Day


World Nutella Day

Who loves chocolate? I think the majority of the world has one answer to that. What better way to celebrate that delicious treat than World Nutella Day? Every year, on the 5th of February, there is a celebration of Nutella! Nutella is a sweetened hazelnut spread that is manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. On this celebration day, people are encouraged to share their love for the chocolate spread by posting pictures and recipes involving it.

Interesting facts about the Chocolate Spread:
  • After World War II, there was a cocoa shortage, and the manufacturers, Ferrero, wanted to make the most of what little cocoa they had.
  • The first jar of Nutella to leave the factory was on the 29th of April 1964 and was an instant hit. It still remains that way today.
  • A jar of Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds in the world, which equates to 24 jars being bought every minute.
  • The country that is the largest consumer of the spread is said to be France. Over 25% of the world’s Nutella is consumed and produced in the country.
  • In France, it is against the law to name the child “Nutella,” because in 2015, a couple tried to name their daughter after the chocolate spread, but it was ruled inappropriate due to the effects it could have had on her life.

Surely EWFM can’t help with the production of chocolate goods?

Well, yes, we actually can! Over the past few years, we have had enquiries from the likes of Mars and more recently from a new chocolate factory here in the UK. Some might think Chocolate is easy to handle but we can assure you it is not.  In order to transfer it as a liquid, it needs to be heated to an optimum temperature, but not too much or it may burn. So how can EWFM help?

The main product that specialises in Chocolate are our Heated Loading Arms.  They are perfect because the pipework is kept at an optimum temperature. We have three ways of heating our arms, Steam or Oil Jacketed and Electrical Tracing. The best way to describe our jacketed loading arms is a pipe within a pipe. The space between the two pipe can be filled with either hot steam or oil to ensure the inner pipe filled with the lovely Chocolate is kept at the correct temperature. The other, electrical tracing does what it says on the tin. The inner pipes is traced with electric cable which can be heated accordingly. All three solutions allow the customer to transfer chocolate along pipework to fill the designated Tanker or Container.

Our Swivel Joints work in exactly the same principle however as they are the moving part they are fitted with FDA seals. It all has to be kept food grade!

Now what happens when the loading is complete. Well that’s where we can find ourselves in a sticky situation. When dealing with Chocolate, if left to dry, it becomes solid and dry. We have all been there when baking trying to wash the melted chocolate bowl, it’s a nightmare.  Can you imagine cleaning the internals of chocolate pipework if that’s left to dry? Do not worry, we have thought of this too. All our chocolate loadings arms are fitted with CIP purges so all parts can be completely cleaned after each use, there’s no need to get scrubbing.

If you are in the food and drink industry and believe one of our products could help improve or fix your current production process, then please get in contact. Our sales team will be happy to offer you their advice and expertise on what product is the right fit for you! We don’t just talk to you over the phone or email; we will also come to your site if need be.

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