Dry Disconnect Coupling

dry disconnect coupling

Dry Disconnect Coupling

Our Dry Disconnect Coupling is the perfect solution if you want to ensure a quick, dry, and safe connection.  As a master distributor for Mann Tek our range of Dry Disconnect Couplings are suited for most industries and medias and over the years, we have supplied many units to numerous locations worldwide.

Available as a standard product, but also with variants designed for use in the Aviation, Cryogenics and Gas Industries.  They come in a range of materials and in sizes up to 8” and have 6 key advantages.

Easy to handle

Our Dry Disconnect Coupling is easy to handle and straight forward to operate.  It automatically locks when connected.  To connect and provide free flow, you push and turn.  To then disconnect and close, you turn and pull.

DDC Pic 2

Time saving

With no need to drain hoses or pipe systems your staff and contractors time can be used more efficiently to support the activities of your business.


They provide you with great economic benefits as there is no loss or spill on connection or disconnection.  They Dry Disconnect Coupling is great for you if your product is of high value or is expensive to reprocess or dispose of.


They help to keep your staff, contractors, site, and the environment safe as the valve cannot be opened until the unit is coupled.

Environmentally friendly

If your product is hazardous to the environment, then the Dry Disconnect Coupling will provide you with extra security as accidental spillage is eliminated.  Meaning you will not be exposing any environment and wildlife to any hazardous or corrosive chemicals that may be in use.


The robust design of the Dry Disconnect Coupling mean seal changes of the hose units are required only every 1-2 years and on tank units approx. every 5000 connections.  In the event of a repair being required training can be provided on site or you have the option of using accredited service centres.

The Dry Disconnect Coupling has many optional extras available so each unit can be truly tailored to your own individual requirements.  Advice on the best solution is freely available and we will work together with you throughout to ensure your satisfaction with the aim of establishing long-term relationships.

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