Case Study – Loading Arms in a 40ft Container

Loading Arms in a 40ft Container

Case Study – Loading Arms in a 40ft Container

Today we would like to share with you a fantastic case study. This time it is about the supply of 4 unloading arms and 2 loading arms in a 40ft container. This was a very special setup where space was certainly limited. Before we get into the meat of it, let’s start from the beginning and take you on a journey.

The Enquiry

In May last year, we received a telephone inquiry from a customer interested in loading and unloading arms for filling and emptying various chemicals into IBCs.  Our initial thoughts were no problem; we have done many of these before.  Then came the tough bit: these needed to fit into a 40-foot container.  EWFM loves a challenge, and after sending data sheets and receiving the MSDS for the various chemicals, within 2 weeks, we provided our first quotation for 6 x Model 2385 Top Loading/Unloading Arms.  We were at the concept stage, but this was enough for our customer to present the idea to the end user.

The Design

After eight months, in February this year, our customer received the order for this concept.  Within 2 weeks of this news, a member of the EWFM team visited them in the Durham area to talk about the arms in more detail, face-to-face.  In the meeting, drawings of their design were reviewed.  EWFM had to fit 6 x Loading/Unloading Arms into a 40-foot container with a head space of approximately 1.3 meters.  Bearing in mind we needed to empty the IBCs and the loading arms needed a long lance that reached the bottom of an IBC roughly 1 metre in height, this was tight.  At this stage, it was off to the drawing board.  Within 2 weeks, we had found a complete solution, and the factory produced fantastic drawings showing the complete operating layout of 6 x loading/unloading arms within a 40-foot container.  This was all done without an order from the customer, simply after a gentleman’s handshake on the face-to-face visit.

The Build

Following a few minor changes to the drawings and the addition of a pneumatic overfilling system to the loading arms we were good to go. The customer placed the order, and manufacturing began. As seen in the pictures, the finished design was a custom-built model 2385-LR top loading and unloading arm. The arms were manufactured to the following specs:

  • Stainless Steel 316-L Construction.
  • PTFE main seals to cope with the various chemicals.
  • 2 x Swivel joints for horizontal movement and 2 x Swivel joints for vertical movement.  These gave the arms the ability to manoeuvre and access the IBCs.
  • Compression Spring-balance cylinders allow the arm to be easily moved with just a couple of fingers.
  • Custom handles so  that the Arms could be accessed over the IBC’s.
  • Locking devices, so that when the arms are not in use, they are secured and there is no risk of the IBCs damaging them when loaded into the containers.
  • Ball valve for the flow to be easily opened and closed.
  • Pneumatic overfill sensors for the loading arms.

The Finish

11 weeks after manufacturing commenced, the loading arms were complete and ready to be shipped to our customer. Now that the system is installed, our customer is extremely happy and has kindly provided us with great photos, which can be seen above and below.

Loading Arms in a 40ft Container - 1The loading arms in a 40ft container were a part of a larger project manufactured by our customer: a bespoke chemical dispensing and waste collection system.  This fully automated system transfers various chemicals to and from the process lines via our loading arms, but also consisted of a load cell weighing system, pumps, filters, and orbitally welded stainless steel pipework with a full PLC controller.

It truly was a fantastic project from start to finish.  Should our loading arms or the project in full be of any interest, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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