Fact files: Drum Filling Heads

Drum Filling Heads

Fact files: Drum Filling Heads

As we are getting into those main summer months, beer sales will be skyrocketing with people making the most of the hot weather. But where does the beer come from originally and what is used in the brewing process? In July’s addition of the Fact Files, we will be looking at Drum Filling Heads. These are a part of our filling and emptying equipment range.

About our Drum Filling Head:

EWFM offers the Model AR® Drum Filling head, which is primarily used to fill containers such as drums, IBC’s, totes, barrels, and casks. We have supplied this filling head to several industries over the years, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, oil & gas, and food & drink. Despite the name suggesting that this is only used for filling, it can also be designed for drum emptying or both on request.

The design of the drum filling head has one product port and one vapour port, which is also fitted with an Endress & Hauser tuning fork overfill level sensor, which will signal for liquid shut-off. If you are wanting to fill an IBC specifically, we offer an IBC adaptor which can be attached. Along with the IBC adaptor, we also have other extras that can be added to the drum fillers.

Drum Filling Head additions:

Our additional extras include signal switches, a nitrogen purge, extended lances, and more. Signal switches tell workers when the unit is in use. The nitrogen purge allows nitrogen to remove flammable gases that are present in the container while filling. Finally, an extended lance is ideal for preventing foaming and splashback. This is also achieved by having a 45-degree bevel.

IBC Filling Equipment

You can find more information on the drum fillers by heading over to our product page. Along with that, you will find a data sheet and a questionnaire that will help you find the right drum filler for you. Alternatively, get in contact with one of our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

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