Time for Kick Off

Oil Skimmer

Time for Kick Off

After a long wait for the premier league season to kick off, we are now only a day away from the first game of the season. It looks to be an exciting start to the season with two former Arsenal players, Patrick Vieira and Mikel Arteta, facing each other at Selhurst Park on Friday night. As well as that, we will have the premier league debuts of Erling Haaland, Darwin Nunez and many more exciting transfers. It’s looking to be one of the best seasons we have ever had.

It got us thinking: how can we celebrate the start of the new season? What better way to commemorate the occasion than with a new addition to the EWFM portfolio. We are proud to introduce Floating Oil Skimmers to our Storage Tank Equipment range.

About our Floating Oil Skimmers:

If you are looking for a device which separates floating pollutants in storage tanks, the Floating Oil Skimmer is the ideal solution for you. Quite often, in processes where tanks are present, there is an undesirable build-up of two immiscible liquids. They are oil and water based. Technically, they can be separated physically or chemically, but the most economical way is through the use of an oil skimmer, which also won’t alter the properties of the fluids.

The skimmer allows the extraction of one of the products without the need to purge. Every skimmer that we make is tailor-made for each project, which allows them to operate in tanks of varying sizes and floating roofs. If you are unsure of how a floating oil skimmer works or looks like, take a look at the images below, which are perfect examples.

Time for Kick OffWe hope everyone else is as excited about the Premier League season starting as we are in the EWFM office and even more excited about the latest addition to the EWFM product range! If the floating oil skimmer is something that interests you, get in touch with our sales team who will be happy to assist you.

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