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Pneumatic Control System

Pneumatic Control System

Long reach loading arms can be supplied with control systems. This is used to move the loading arm vertically and to open/close one or more of the loading valves. This automatic control is realized with an air logic control. The operator, by pressing the push buttons (apex push buttons for up/down loading arm and push buttons on protection box for open/close valve), transmits a pneumatic input that will control the vertical movements or the status of the valve.

The pneumatic operating system is easy to use as all you need to do is push the on and off button to get the system to work. Within the pneumatic operating system design you have a air supply house and air logic control. Further down you will have a pneumatically operated ball valve with a pneumatic cylinder for up and down movement. Finally, up, down and press push buttons are situated at the end of the loading arm along with a postionable spider.

For other loading arm accessories, please head to the bottom of our loading arm page where you can find a range valves, accessories and signal switches which are all compatible with our loading arms.

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