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Sight Glass – Model 2454

Sight Glass – Model 2454

The Fluid Sight Glass Indicator is designed to be installed on a bottom loading arm behind the API coupler. As a result, this allows for visual indication of fluid prior to opening the API Coupler. Furthermore, it is rated for 150 PSI hydro static pressure(max) at 70 deg F. When this device is applied to the loading arm, it is welded near the loading valve or the check valve inlet.

We offer this in two types. You can either have the model 2424 with a flat glass or you can have it with a domed glass. It is manufactured in Polycarbonate with either a aluminium or steel body. It is only available in one size.

For other loading arm accessories, please head to the bottom of our loading arm page where you can find a range valves, accessories and signal switches which are all compatible with our loading arms.

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Available Sizes:



Polycarbonate with aluminium or steel body

Glass options:

Flat glass

Domed glass

Alternative designs and specifications for the Sight Glass – Model 2454 are available on request

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